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Dear Customers and Suppliers

We live in a dynamic world in constant transformation where we believe that in order to reach new levels of success and achieve excellence in our activities, we must be constantly in search of evolution / innovation in order to offer increasingly better solutions and more aligned to the market needs and expectation of our customers.

Our company accumulates the experience of more than 40 years in the industrial market and following the vision of its founders for the future of our operations, we begin a new phase of our history, expanding our performance in the industrial market, verticalizing and enhancing the use of our resources in order to reach new levels of results.

We reformulated our brand and visual identity in order to express this new phase of our company. EMBRAVAL now becomes part of the MINC Industries. A new brand, but with the same essence and concern to offer a service with excellence, competitive conditions and products and services of the highest quality. The MINC brand represents a new phase in our company's successful trajectory. A change aligned with our vision of the future and with the role that the company has to fulfill in a world in constant transformation.

Count on us always!



NOTE: As of 06/14/2021, the new MINC brand will be present in all our communications and, therefore, we will be operating with new emails and website. The phone numbers and address will be kept the same. Our Corporate Name will be changed to INDÚSTRIAS MINC LTDA., however the other data (CNPJ, State Registration, Address and Bank Details) will be kept the same. In case of doubts or need for clarification, our collaborators will be at your service!

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